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We support international marketing and communications teams to create brand impact.

Bring your technology to market.



My clients aren't looking for an agency, or a consultancy.

They're looking for a sparring partner. A solution. Fresh ideas.

A marketing sniper outside their team who can quickly grasp what's happening inside their market, and their organisation.

And deliver.

I've flexed my creative brain for corporates and start-ups in a plethora of industries. My role is to reveal a clear path forward for strategic & creative marketing and communications projects. I work direct for clients, and collaborate with their agencies respecting existing relationships.

Positioning companies and brands is often a starting point with clients who feel they are not communicating their story to their full potential. You can discover more depth on why and how I help here.

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Kyle Talbot


“Kyle grasps highly complex companies and technologies and can turn them into simple, powerful ideas people understand.”

Karel van der Flier, Axon Digital/EVS broadcast


My team and I can support you with:


  • Strengthening your brands, and activation

  • Marketing Communications effectiveness

  • Creative Direction & Development

  • Content 

Questions? Feel welcome to call.

Our specialism is international b2b companies

with a technical culture:

Borealis Group, Korsit (, Fring, Legionella Dossier, Avery Dennison, Polyscope, All Your BI, Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Endurans Solar, A.I.T Germany, DSM Advanced Solar, DSM Resins & Functional Materials, DSM Protective Materials, DSM Engineering Materials, Dysel Software, Geris Dairy Solutions, Axon Digital Design, Legaltree, Riviera Maison, Vasco Groep, Zibber, Revitalise, Heidebrouwerij, Synres, Wooninc., NEP Worldwide, i3 Group, Canon, Willem Alexanderbaan, Dyneema, Decovery, DORIS Engineering, ODE Ltd, Cook&Boon, Avery Consumer Products, Infostrada, Crown van Gelder, Essisme, FlexFilm, Choicce Ltd, Scheiwijk, Open Universiteit; Paperlinx; I.R.I.S. Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Transport); Igluu; Nedap Retail; Vogels; Adnovate; World Wildlife Fund.

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